Burlesque performer, dancer and circus artist specialized in fire and light spinning and hula hoop, Lunart-X is a dynamic artist who combines sensuality and humor with a great creativity.

She gained her ability to capture the public's attention from her experience as a street performer around the world from 2009 to 2013: itinerant artist in Australia, fire juggler in Thailand and circus artist in Colombia, where she worked for 2 years with the troupe Circotico Artes Experimentales.

Back in France in 2013 she started in burlesque at the "Ecole des Filles de Joie" from Juliette Dragon and participates in various events by providing unique acts, with colorful characters featuring burlesque and circus arts. In 2015, she was selected for various international events such as the London Burlesque Festival, the Berlin Burlesque Festival and the World Burlesque Games where she won second place in the triple crown category.

Fascinated by the scene, the sensations that provide the exchange with the public and the wealthed of the teamwork she also invested in collective projects: she co-directed the burlesque comedy "Strass Academy", integrates the collective Dreamcatch ( event-organizers) as artistic director, and founded his own company, the "Wild Souls."

Always hungry for new knowledge, she continues her artistic training by studying the modern-jazz, contemporary, oriental, Indian and tribal dances.


lunartx danseuse performeuse