• performance LED compagnie wild souls




During a long period of darkness and conflict, isolated women gather and unite around the black flame to fight the enemy. The fire infuses them with strength, courage and creative power. This show is a tribute to women and to the duality opposing the need to fight and protect oneself to the need to create and love.

Pyrotechnic show, carefully choreographed, combining fluidity and grace but also dynamism and precision. The powerful soundtrack carried by the explosive interpretation of the artists transports the viewer to a breathtaking finale.

Duration : 30 minutes - video solo - video group 


Fantastic and poetic light show. The artists, dressed in enchanting costumes transport the audience to a world of magic. This animation can be done as a walkabout or a static show. For the walkabout, some of the artists can be on stilts. It is possible to combine the 2 formats on the same day. By day, the dancers interact with the audience while manipulating various objects such as hoops, fans, silk fabrics or other unusual objects. At night, the costumes are adorned with lights and the artists dance with luminous props.

Duration : 30 minutes - video 


An elegant and percussive show, a true whirlwind of dance and light with a backdrop of rhythmic music. Show with a strong and neat aesthetic combining grace and precision. It includes the possibility to add text or logos into the display of the props, ideal for personalizing corporate or private events.

Duration : from 8 to 15 minutes - video 


Welcome to the joyful and eccentric world of our funny little clowns. This juggled and danced comedy with catchy music is ideal entertainment for young and old. The endearing characters evolve in a setting full of surprises. They manipulate objects according to their discoveries and interact with the public making the show alive and dynamic. In addition, the show can end with a stunning light show for an unforgettable moment of magic.
Possibility of accompanying the show with a stroll and introductory circus workshops.

Duration : from 30 minutes to 1 hour - video 


 This light shwo, hypnotic and dynamic at the same time combines the beauty of world dance with the technique of juggling with a hint of technology. It feeds on the riches of different cultures, their dances and their music to offer a moment of magic that will transport young and old.

Duration : from 15 to 30 minutes - video 


When the fire meets grace and elegance. An artistic and refined performance, combining fire control, mesmerizing choreographies, carefully selected music and an elegant visual.

Duration : from 5 to 20 minutes - video


This dynamic and joyous show is an invitation to travel. The choreographic writing take his inspiration from the richness of the dances of the world: flamenco, oriental dance, indian and tribal dance. The music is carefully selected to create a real change of scenery. Young and old will be transported to a world of colors and flavors for an unforgettable moment.

Duration : from 15 to 30 minutes - video

The Luminescence company brings together female artists from various origins: circus artists, dancers, burlesque artists, cabaret or even actresses; all passionate about the scene and its many facets. His specialty is dance with the manipulation of flaming or luminous objects such as hoops, sticks, fans or bolas.

The company offers complete fire and / or light shows, short numbers, themed strolls or clubbing-type performances ideal to set the mood in your evenings. 

Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, it also offers visual shows that can be adapted to your events with the possibility of inserting text, a logo and the photos of your choice.

You want a fire and light show in Paris or elsewhere, the luminescence company offers quality services that will appeal to the most demanding